How to Pass the Bar Exam

How to Pass the Bar Exam


Constant and intensive study is always the key to passing the bar exams, but aside from the obvious, we have collected a few more tips on how to help a bar examinee.



Good language, impressive presentation,  logical reasoning and substantial knowledge of law and procedure are the fundamentals of an articulated approach during bar exams.


Common Sense

There will be instances that an examinee will be at a loss for specific legal provisions or case doctrines and the best alternative is always to use their common sense. Never just make up something from scratch.


Quality Over Quantity

A bar reviewee will have access to various materials and it is important to identify the quality materials to focus on. With the limited time for review, you must wisely choose the materials to use as you do not have the luxury of time to delve in all of the case study  books that you will find.


Choose Bar Review Center Wisely

Three things are to be considered in looking for a bar review center. First is the line up of lecturers. Get the opinion of previous bar examinees with the specific line up of lecturers of your chosen review center. Second is the schedule of review. Some review centers depend their schedules in the availability of their lecturers. Avoid the review centers with random schedules. The schedule of your review center will be based on  topical continuity. Third and last is accreditation. Choose a bar review center that is being run by a recognized law school or is accredited by one.


Take Mock Bar Exams and Coaching Programs

Your bar review center should be able to conduct mock bar exams that really replicates the bar exams and also makes one on one coaching by credible and experienced senior lawyers should be available to the reviewees.


Study Schedule

Create a study schedule that you will strictly follow no matter what. You should eat, live, breathe studying for the bar exam. You should laos know the dates and schedules of the exams, for you to allot the right time for each exams. The first six to eight weeks of bar exam preparation should be about learning your material and familiarizing yourself with the format of the test, and roughly two weeks before the big date, a bar examinee should be confident with the different sections of the bar exam and should have enough knowledge of all the subjects.




Get Rid of Stress

Your full attention and concentration is needed while reviewing for the bar exam.  If you are about to start getting anxious and worried. Take a break for a short time and find ways on how to relax and calm yourself.. Anxiety or fear might sabotage your chance of passing the bar exam. Meditate. Pray. Breathe.


Stay Healthy

Early to bed, early to rise, that is the way to make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Also, eat right. Shower everyday and take your vitamins. Your brain will block anything you try to get into in if your body is not getting the proper care and nutrition.